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Parents & Tots Swim times allow infants and toddlers to become comfortable in water, in a non-threatening environment.  It is also a great time to socialize with others and get to know other families with young children. Ages 2 and under are invited to join us during this swim.

Family Swim times allow parents to introduce older children to water. All ages are welcome to this time slot.

Parents & Tots swims are held Sunday mornings from 10-11, and Family swims are held from 11-12, generally from September to June.  There is no need to register, simply drop-in on Sundays.  However, please email to ensure that we are open when you are interested in coming, or, follow us on Facebook to receive updates on weekends we are closed.

Please note that our Parents & Tots and Family Swim classes are not formal swimming lessons.

Please use swimming diapers for any child not yet potty trained.  Thank you.

$3 per person per Sunday